Natura Plant Intensa


Natura is a well-known Brazilian cosmetic company. They have many sub-brands of different products such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions, sunscreens, perfumes, oils and others. Natura Plant Intensa is a treatment kit for hair revitalization.

Project goals

The graphic concept was created by the designer Roosevelt Vilela, who made a wide study of visual signs according to Natura’s consumers research. The outcome revealed that hair treatment is almost medicinal for them, that is why the graphics are discreet and structured, while the colors are predominantly white and gray with green touches so as to depict purity and care. In this project, my goal was to help to decide how would be the best composition for the kit products and also how they would be presented in Natura’s media.

Creative Solution

Therefore we had to make photograph studies and photo manipulations of different compositions to achieve the final one. The goal was to reflect technology and treatment efficiency visually. We tried many different positions, lights and shades. Besides we also had to choose a models’ reference who had to depict the Natura Plant Intensa concept. The result were key visuals to Natura to follow.

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Agency: Rafdesign
Creative director: Polyana Ferreira
Graphic Design: Roosevelt Vilela
Keyvisuals: Thatiana Ferreira
Client: Natura

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