Yoki Oat


Yoki is a brazilian brand that started as a cereal and farinaceous company founded by a japanese immigrant, Yoshizo Kitano. After years of success, they were able to expand to different products such as spices, popcorn, drinks, deserts, and others. Today, Yoki is run by General Mills, which is the fifth largest food company in the world.

Project goals

They needed to redesign their oat packages which looked outdated and didn’t convey the naturalness of the oats. Among the competitors, Yoki’s oats were losing sales, although they had good shelf impact.

Creative Solution

The idea was to make the oats appear more real and natural on the label. Therefore, I worked with photographer Fernando Mafra and food producer Dirce Satiko Ito in order to pursue the best lighting and positioning. Besides that, I decided to change the yellow tone. Below you can find the reason this color change was important.

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The Yoki Oat packages have good shelf impact due to the bright yellow color, which creates a visual color block. However, consumer research showed that the perception of quality was lower than the other competitors package designs. Although the yellow was bright and attention-grabbing, it didn’t have enough appetite appeal. This flashy yellow tone conveys warning signs, artificial or citric food. Therefore, I decided that adding magenta would lower the brightness, yet keep the yellow shade eye-catching.

Yoki products are known and recognized by their yellow packaging, however the current shade of yellow wasn’t helping the oat sales.

Old Yoki Oats Packaging.
The 4 version of Yoki Oats PackagingYoki Oat packagingsYoki Oat packagings

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Agency: Rafdesign
Creative Director: Polyana Barba
Graphic Design: Thatiana Ferreira
Client: Yoki
Photographer: Fernando Mafra
Year: 2017

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