Mais Vita ice tea


Yoki is a Brazilian brand that started as a cereal and farinaceous company. However, today, it is run by General Mills, which is the fifth largest food company in the world. After years of success, they expanded their brand with different products and now in addition to sell spices, popcorn, drinks, desserts and more. Yoki Mais Vita is one of these new brands with a mission to provide the healthiest food.

Project goals

Yoki Mais Vita restructured its portfolio with new products and more healthy and tasty formulas. They identified the opportunity to expand the portfolio to new categories. Mais Vita created four new flavors of iced tea: hibiscus with blackberry, black tea with orange and guaraná extract, green tea with lemon and green tea with lime, ginger and honey flavor. They needed a packaging design for the new category, which has to have a good shelf impact among the competitors and also be different from the juice category.

Creative Solution

Each flavor has its own background color related to the content color. This color block helps the product to stand out on the shelf. Furthermore, a watercolor pattern was created depicting the tea leaves, which shows the tea as the most important ingredient. That is why “Chá (tea)” is a bigger word than the other ingredients. The fruits had to be small and positioned on the bottom of the label in order for the consumer to understand that the product is not a juice.

Mais Vita ice tea - Lemon, Ginger and honey
Mais Vita ice tea - lemon
Mais Vita ice tea - orange and guaraná
Mais Vita ice tea - blackberry
Mais Vita ice tea four options
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Agency: Rafdesign
Creative Director: Polyana Barba
Graphic Design: Thatiana Ferreira
Client: Yoki Mais Vita
Photographer: Felipe Gaspar
Year: 2017

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