Ateliê da gente


Ateliê da gente is a life-long dream of the two artists, Neusa Hanako Silva and Graça Prado. They wanted to create a course for ceramic and porcelain painting.

Project goals

The idea was to create a brand and show that Atelier is a relaxed environment for learning and creation for art-lovers.

Creative solution

The brand was thought to convey lightness, reunion of different people that have the same love of craft. The font and icon were developed irregularly to depict the idea of hand made. The colors refer to the two courses, ceramic and porcelain painting. Salmon is the raw ceramic color and the dark blue is traditionally used in porcelain painting in the beginning of its History.

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Graphic Design: Thatiana Ferreira
Client: Neusa Hanako Silva / Graça Prado
Year: 2016

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