Copa Star


Rede D'Or is the largest independent group of hospitals in Brazil. Their strategy is to keep expanding with new technology, qualified teams and human centered service.

Project goals

The group project was to inaugurate a new and different hospital, Copa Star. The goal was to be a reference of quality in the whole country. They wanted to gather the best and motivated employees, high technology in complex procedures, great hospitality and best service in order to have the highest quality and efficiency. Therefore, they needed a new brand development that consists of concepts such as transparency, clarity, subtlety, elegance and lux. Also the colors needed to match the Rede D’Or brands - navy blue and gold.

Creative solution

The main inspiration of the brand is the polestar, also known as north star. It is named the polestar, because it is the only star aligned to the axis of the earth’s rotation. Since the star is located above the North Pole, it is used as a reference point.

In photograph, after hours of camera exposure, it's possible to register the movement of other stars around the pole star, giving an impression that it is fixed in the sky.

The pole star brings concepts that fit the hospital goals such as being reference, in the center and unique. Therefore, through the picture effect created through the stars, I was able to create a brand where "C" of Copa Star is acting like the Polestar.

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Agency: Rafdesign
Creative director: Polyana Barba
Graphic Design: Thatiana Ferreira
Client: Rede D'or
Year: 2016

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