Projeto Ilhas do Rio


The Ilhas do Rio project was started by professionals of a non-governmental organization Mar Adentro. Their aim is to preserve the nature and the community around the islands of Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro, through activities of scientific exhibition, environmental education and social mobilization.

Project goals

One of those activities is the traveling exhibition that allows the public to have contact with the beauty of the island's nature. They are able to see the animals and plants from the sea and also from the earth around.

Creative solution

Through photographs available from the biologists/photographers Athila Bertoncini and Fernando Moraes, I could create a scenario of a supposed view of under the sea around the islands. Every animal and coral images below were taken from the real photographs of the place.

Thank you for watching


Agency: Rafdesign
Creative director: Polyana Barba
Graphic Design: Thatiana Ferreira
Photos: Athila Bertoncini / Fernando Moraes
Client: Mar Adentro
Year: 2014

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