Wobblers Kitano


Kitano is one of the companies of General Mills group. It is specialized in seasonings.

Project goals

The company released new products on the market - ready-to-bake chicken flavored with Kitano seasonings. The main difference between Kitano and rival companies are the natural herbs and spices and low sodium in their products. These new products make cooking daily easier without compromising flavor. The client wanted to portray these benefits through the use of wobblers.

Creative solution

The idea was to have a uniquely shaped wobbler that stands out on supermarket shelves, bringing common kitchen elements and many natural seasonings. The seasonings were to look like the flagship, since they are the biggest attention-grabbing element.. Alongside, a tagline was created by the copywriter Mariana Silva - “Everyday with weekend taste”.

I added the three wobblers developed, because I think they all work well to the proposal, however the last one was chosen.

Thank you for watching


Agency: Rafdesign
Creative director: Polyana Barba
Graphic Design: Thatiana Ferreira
Copywriting: Mariana Silva
Client: Kitano
Year: 2016

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