Urban Portal


Urban Portal is an online digital tool that helps users find potential development sites in New South Wales. The users just need to set up an online account and search for suitable sites anywhere in NSW.

They see that currently, there are no simple-to-use and cost-effective online tools for finding development sites. Urban Portal is the tool that fulfils that gap in the market, changing how developers find development sites.

Project goals

The client wants a visual identity that conveys the personality of their portal. They want to be known as an easy-to-use platform with a friendly and professional look and feel.

Creative solution

The solution was to focus on easy searching and finding features. After some explorations, the map pin seemed to be the best icon to work with. The inverted letter "A" has a shape that reminds the Google Maps pin, which is a widely well-known representation of a location mark.

Colour inspiration

The colours were selected to differentiate the brand from the competitors that use mainly Blue and Green as their primary colours. Purple seemed to be an original and still professional look to the brand.

Logo Urban Portal
Urban Portal logo applied on different background colours.
Primary colour
Secondary colour
Support colour
Accent colour
Urban Portal Business card.
Urban Portal stationery
Urban Portal ad and web.

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Agency: DesignFox
Creative direction: Martin Liu
Graphic Design: Thatiana Ferreira
Client: Urban Portal
Year: 2022

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