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Paul Sullivan, director of e-Motion & Co, has more than 25 years of experience in film, television and corporate. He has worked with the biggest movie stars such as George Lucas, Tom Cruise and Keanu Reeves.

e-Motion & Co helps businesses who need to use video but need help knowing where to start. They increase leads through marketplace engagement for businesses by translating their vision into relatable video content. Under the guidance of their expert team, they connect the clients with the right crew to get the best results through compelling visual storytelling.

Project goals

The client needed a brand for his new company. He believes video companies always try to sell products instead of providing solutions. Therefore, with his expertise, he wants to help customers with consulting and strategy.

Creative Solution

One of the client emphasis was on his big-screen expertise and how he wants to bring it to small screens (social media/mobile). Also, he doesn't want to be the company that only makes the end product. He wants to understand each client's needs. Therefore, I designed a logo that conveys the different screen sizes and Paul's flexibility to adapt to his clients' needs.

Big screens expertise to small screens.

Moodboard of different screen sizes.
Emotion&CO logo
Another versions of Emotion&Co logo
Emotion&Co logos
Emotion&Co stationery
Emotion&CO mockups
Emotion&CO ads
Emotion&CO website

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Agency: Design Fox
Creative director: Martin Liu
Lead designer: Thatiana Ferreira

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