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Secondary research, Idea, Qualitative Research, Wireframe, Prototype, Usability test


Since 2019, the world has been coping with COVID-19, and people were advised to stay at home to avoid the virus spreading. Consequently, working from home turned out to be the best option, and many organisations had to adapt to remote work in a short period. This massive shift became a perfect moment to analyse the effects of working from home on people. Although it has many benefits, it also brings struggles such as related to mental health. Therefore, Mindbreaks is an idea of an app that helps to balance the workers home routine.

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The process

The development of this project started with deep secondary research. The studies show the benefits of working from home are no commuting, flexible schedule and work location, more time with family, and others. On the other hand, there are also new challenges. Workers have more difficulty unplugging from devices, struggles with collaboration, loneliness, burnout and others. In addition, in order to understand more about the working from home issues, qualitative research was undertaken. The interviews and answers led to an affinity diagram, which was essential to gain new insights.

The outcome

After all the data collected, it was clear that the line between work and personal life is blurring. Therefore, more research was done to find ways to improve mental health during working days. Surprisingly, breaks have been overlooked. Studies have found that short breaks can provide many benefits, such as lower stress and boost energy levels.
After all learnings, the outcome became more apparent. Since those people work all day sitting in front of the computer, creating a wellness assistant for computers and cellphone is a good decision. The aim was to trace and organise people’s work time, integrating breaks and activities to reduce stress and separate their personal life and work. This idea turned out to be the Mindbreaks app concept.
First, a wireframe and a low-resolution prototype was designed. In order to improve the first idea, a usability test was conducted. This project is a result of the feedback of the test and lots of conversations with my mentors.
If you want to know more details about the research and the process, have a read on the complete report. Also, there is a page explaining only the Mindbreaks visual identity and design system.

First setup

When the user first signs in to the app, it will ask questions about their routine during the working days. This opening stage is essential for Mindbreaks, which is a machine learning app. It needs to collect data to give suitable recommendations, tips and plans to each user.

There were questions about user’s working days, working hours, sleeping hours, what they do before and after work, Lunch breaks and Goals. Also, in this step, the user learns how to add short breaks throughout the week.

What do you do for work screen.
What are your goals screen.
Where would you like that your breaks happen screen.
Would you like to do them alone or maybe invite someone screen.
Would like to integrate your digital calendar screen.
Connect Mindbreaks screen.
It is integrated screen.
Drag your calendars screen.
First setup drag calendar.
Halfway there screen.
Select work days and hours screen.
How long do you usually have a lunch break for screen.
Would you like to sleep and wake up screen.
Final step, breaks screen.
Mindbreaks plan screen.

Add breaks or activities

As soon as the user completes the setup, they will be able to add or edit the breaks and activities recommended by the app.

Companies and professionals that are minded-like, such as personal trainers, healthy snack brands and apps that promote mental health, will be able to integrate and promote their products and services on the breaks or activities screen.

Mindbreaks breaks added screen.
Mindbreaks desktop screen.
Mindbreaks desktop screen.
Mindbreaks desktop screen.
Mindbreaks desktop screen.
Mindbreaks desktop screen.
Mindbreaks desktop screen.

Breaks & Activities

Mindbreaks desktop screen.

Meet Minds

Mindbreaks desktop screen.

Your data

Mindbreaks desktop screen.
Notifications screen.

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The major project: Billy Blue College of Design
Mentors: Debra Hunter, Andy O’Mara, Mariana Alves
Images: references

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