Yorgus packaging


Yorgus emerged from a friendship between Enrico (Brazilian) and Yorgus (Greek) in a Boston University. They were worried about healthy food and started to prepare the original greek yogurt recipe from Athens.

Years later, Enrico decided to produce the first real greek yogurt in Brazil. He named it Yorgus to honor his greek friend.

Today, Yorgus greek yogurt is made following the original recipe, without conservatives and sugar and produced with fresh milk from farms around.

Project goals

Yorgus has expanded, adding 3 different flavors of yogurt smoothies in wild fruit, strawberry and banana and açaí and blueberry to the portfolio.

The other change they needed was to improve shelf impact. Therefore, the label renovation was necessary for Yorgus’ entire portfolio.

Creative solution

After research conducted by Provokers company about health food market trends, different positioning options for the brand were found. From that, I worked on possible layouts for consumer research.

All layouts were developed based on the “clean label trend”, which the information must be clear to the consumer. The information hierarchy and white space are important to enhance this idea, so the layouts should be minimalistic and straight to the point.

After the decision of which layout was better for the consumer and brand’s concept, I developed the other labels, working on colors and ingredients to better depict each flavor.

Yorgus Ultra logo
Wild fruit and Açaí and blueberry Yorgus Ultra
Strawberry and banana Yorgus Ultra
Wild fruit and Açaí and blueberry Yorgus Ultra
Yorgus grego logo
Vanilla and strawberry Yorgus Grego
Coconut Yorgus Grego
Yorgus Grego
Coconut and Natural Yorgus Grego
Vanilla and Strawberry Yorgus Grego

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Agency: Rafdesign
Creative director: Polyana Ferreira
Graphic Design: Thatiana Ferreira
Client: Yorgus
Ingredients photos: Shutterstock
Photo retouching: Moche Steinberg
product photos: Charles Piriou

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